Vanguard Players Request Devs To Change Goliath Field Upgrade

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Call of Duty Vanguard will be coming out in less than two months and players have already started requesting major changes prior to the game's release. Sledgehammer Games announced new additions and features of the game in the multiplayer reveal event which took place on September 7th.

Multiple players who had the chance to experience Vanguard's new gameplay had various suggestions for the developers. One of the major changes requested by them was making changes to the Goliath Field Upgrade.

The Goliath is one of the Field Upgrades available in Vanguard, a small remote control tank that destroys enemies and causes a lethal explosion.

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Vanguard Goliath Field Upgrade Changes

Reddit user 'Schwath' posted, "Why is the Goliath a Field Upgrade instead of a Killstreak?" The player feels like the Goliath is way too powerful to be a Field Upgrade, leading many to question why it's not one of the Killstreaks that appear in the game.


Other members of the community also agree and think that Goliath should be a Killstreak or be toned down, to ensure it doesn't become as strong when used as a Field Upgrade. It's highly likely that Sledgehammer Games will be considering some changes to be made once the Open Beta has concluded in a bid to create some balance before Vanguard's full release on November 5th.

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