Vanguard Leak Claims USS Texas Is Returning

Image showing USS Texas Map from Call of Duty WWII
Credit: Activision

Following a disappointing third season of post-launch content, Vanguard players continue to express their frustrations surrounding a lack of new content.

With no crossover with the Operation Monarch event, the attention of players is turning toward the launch of Season 4 in the hope more new content is on the way. Based on a recent leak, Sledgehammer Games is listening.

Classic maps returning in newer titles is nothing new. Vanguard already has its own version of Shipment and Modern Warfare 3's Dome. The leak claims USS Texas from Call of Duty WWII is returning as part of Season 4's content plan.

USS Texas in Vanguard Multiplayer

With a few weeks to go, the Vanguard developer should begin to release information on what Season 4 has in store.

However, leaks always seem to appear first. According to "CODSploitzLeaks," strings within the Vanguard game files mention USS Texas, implying its release isn't far away.

Set within the confines of a US battleship, USS Texas features several levels which add some verticality to the map. The long sightlines down either side make it perfect for snipers to deal devastating damage while the compact central area lends itself to plenty of frantic close-quarters action.

While some players are excited by the return of USS Texas, fans of competitive COD are wondering why Sledgehammer Games didn't select London Docks or Sainte Marie du Mont.

USS Texas Vanguard Release Date

As always, take leaks with a pinch of salt so there's still a chance of other classic maps joining the map pool. In the meantime, we will have to wait for the Season 4 roadmap to reveal all the intel.

Season 4 of Vanguard is expected to begin on June 22. For more, check out our page for all the latest news, leaks, and guides.

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