Vanguard Players Slam Warzone Operation Monarch Event

Over the course of Call of Duty history, events involving 80s action heroes and the presence of haunted beings appear in Warzone and the annual release, allowing all players to get involved.

For Vanguard, this isn't the case. While Godzilla and King Kong appear within the battle royale, those playing Sledgehammer Games' latest title are unable to take part and earn any rewards.

With no kind of limited-time event for multiplayer, players are sharing their frustrations surrounding the launch of Operation Monarch as an exclusive Warzone event in addition to feeling ignored by the developer and Activision.

Operation Monarch Ignores Vanguard Players

The lack of attention Vanguard is understandable considering the lower-than-average sales figures but ignoring a huge section of the community is far from ideal. Warzone doesn't float the boat of all CoD fans and apart from the likes of the Mecha Godzilla Operator skin, there's no crossover.

Reddit user 'Mattykos' begins the discussion with a post wondering why Vanguard players see no mention of Godzilla and Kong.

The player says the lack of themed content feels like the developers have "spat in my face." "There was always something for the in-game events both for Warzone and current CoD."

While many share the same opinion, players are aware that the event is exclusive to Warzone. "They did say it was going to be a Warzone event," comments one user. "But it is disappointing as Vanguard doesn't get any sort of event other than bundles."

Previous collaborations include a separate set of challenges and rewards for those enjoying multiplayer rather than battle royale action. With no mention of Operation Monarch within Vanguard, there's little chance of players receiving an event unless something happens during Season 4.

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