Vanguard Season 4: Release Date, Leaks, Round Based Zombies, and More

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Image showing Vanguard operator holding gun
Credit: Activision
June 21, 2022 - How To Download Update Fast

With Season 4 a few days away, players are beginning to wonder how to download the update as fast as possible.

Check out our guide for some handy tips and tricks on how to speed up the process.

It feels like only yesterday that Season 3 of Vanguard began, but it's now coming towards an end. Some players are already turning their attention to Season 4 and what the next season of post-launch content has in store.

The most recent season includes a range of brand-new guns and weapons in addition to the Hernandez Operator. Despite this, attention on Season 4 is already growing.

While Sledgehammer Games hasn't shared any official intel on the next season, we already know some information surrounding various parts of the game. With that said, find all there is to know about Vanguard Season 4 in our dedicated hub.

Vanguard Season 4 Release Date

As with previous seasons, Season 4 will begin as soon as Season 3 comes to an end.


The Battle Pass timer confirms the current season ends on June 21, meaning the next season will launch on June 22, which isn't long from now.

Vanguard Season 4 Operators

According to the Season 4 roadmap, these are the three Operators making their way to Vanguard over the course of the new season:

Vanguard Round-Based Zombies

The lack of round-based Zombies action continues to frustrate fans of the mode but in Season 4, the demand is answered for in the next season.

Treyarch has already confirmed round-based Zombies is returning in the upcoming season, with players dropping into a reworked version of Shi No Numa from World at War. In addition to the return of the mode, a new Easter Egg quest will arrive and a brand-new Wonder Weapon.

Vanguard Season 4 Maps

USS Texas from Call of Duty World War II makes a return to Call of Duty multiplayer in Season 4 alongside a brand-new map called Desolation that will launch at a later date.

Vanguard Season 4 Weapons


As with the start of any new season, Season 4 of Vanguard contains three new guns and a new melee weapon.

That's all we know about Season 4 of Vanguard so far. Be sure to check back regularly for all the latest news and leaks on the upcoming season. Until then, check out our Vanguard page for all the intel you need to know.

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