Symfuhny Chokes During $150,000 Vanguard Tournament

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A $150,000 Vanguard tournament is where pros need to stay serious, but a rookie move that hurts the team during it is always funny. Mason' Symfuhny' Lanier and his team were in an even position. It was four against four, and no one had seen Symfuhny since he was at the edge of the map.

This Vanguard tournament was for $150,000, and everyone needed to pull their own weight. Another player had just died on the enemy team, so it was four on three. Unfortunately, Symfuhny looked to his left to see the explosion that killed the enemy and was distracted enough to embarrass himself live on stream.

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Vanguard tournament fail

The way that Symfuhny says, "I'm dead," makes it sound as though the enemy has killed him. What a ridiculous and avoidable way to die, and going out of bounds is how noobs die in Video games.

Here's the clip:

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Symfuhny dies and gives the camera an expression of exasperation that reflects how we all feel. The fact that this occurred during an important tournament is rare and tragic. Even though it was a bad move, he found it hilarious.

When so much is riding on your performance, it's hard to stay focused, but is that something that occurs to anyone else during a tournament? Is it possible to fall out of bounds when you've played the map so many times?

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