Vanguard Glitch Ruins Scump's Killstreak

The best thing about Vanguard is the same thing that makes Call of Duty games great: getting into the zone and stacking bodies. The rush is great when you are just slicing necks, and people are raging over the fact that you're just unstoppable. Scump was in this position before it was cut way too short.

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Vanguard Glitch

Scrump had just killed three enemies in a row in the coolest way possible. He killed two after running through a door and then tried to enter through a window, killing a third. Scrump celebrated and reloaded while hiding in a corner. Around that time, he realized he couldn't get out of the corner.

Since the couch wasn't against the wall, players had the opportunity to jump into the corner in the free space but couldn't jump out. There is an easy fix for this bug, but it was likely overlooked during testing. Unfortunately, Scump has found out the hard way not to go into this corner ever again.

His solution was pretty unconventional; here's the clip:

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Things like this should never happen. It is common for game testers to run into walls and break the game purposefully. Because this is one of the most basic things game testers check for, testers would have caught it very early on.

What do you think? Is this unacceptable or just another bug that every game tends to have every so often?

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