"Sucks you gotta play Vanguard" - FormaL roasts Vanguard on Twitter

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It's hard to imagine a real Call of Duty pro slandering Vanguard. It's mostly because they're fined whenever they voice any criticism about the series. When a pro retires, it seems they feel the freedom to say whatever they want, and they want to remain vocal.

OpTic FormaL has proven this to be true in a big way. In his constant bashing of Vanguard, he lets it be understood that he deems it to be one of the worst entries. When Scump mentioned OpTic FormaL in a Halo video, OpTic FormaL found another reason to criticize Vanguard.


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OpTic FormaL on Vanguard

In this video, OpTic Scump destroys his competition in Halo Infinite. He mentioned his friend FormaL who is was in the other team against OpTic Gaming. FormaL's team took the loss, but FormaL had a great response.

FormaL reminded Scump that he needs to keep playing Vanguard, but at least he began with a compliment:

"Woahhh you're kinda final.. Sucks you gotta play vanguard"

There was an explosion on Twitter. Call of Duty fans couldn't help but laugh at the response, which is a far cry from the original tweet's support.


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It doesn't look like FormaL will stop anytime soon, but does he have a good point? Do you also feel like Call of Duty slipped with this one, or will the Pacific update show how strong Call of Duty Vanguard makes the series?

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