Sledgehammer Games Rolls Out Spawn Changes

Since launching in November 2021, the spawns in Vanguard multiplayer often cause debate within the community. Players quickly noticed Sledgehammer Games is using the squad spawn mechanic much to their annoyance.

Rather than dropping players into the action in quiet areas of a map, squad spawns often place players in the heart of the action giving them minimal time to react to any threats coming their way.

After introducing an experimental playlist and with a few weeks until the launch of Season 3, Sledgehammer Games has applied widespread changes to Vanguard's spawns in a bid to improve the game.

Vanguard Spawn Changes

Initially, the experimental playlist contained minimal adjustments to spawns and thanks to plenty of player feedback, the changes have arrived across all multiplayer maps, game modes, and Ranked Play.

Despite many approving the adjustments, a lack of patch notes detailing the changes is leaving players jumping into matches to discover what has changed for themselves.

Following the adjustments, players seem happy with Sledgehammer Games' latest modification to Vanguard. As its cycle nears the halfway stage, bugs and glitches are continuing to impact players despite the best efforts of the developer. Perhaps the spawn changes are too little, too late?

There's no need to download an update for the new spawns to take effect. Simply load up Vanguard and into multiplayer to see how the new maps play with slightly different spawn mechanics.

While testing the spawns, check out all the latest intel on Season 3 in our dedicated hub packed with everything you need to know about the next season of content.

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