Bizarre Vanguard Bug Causes Completely Silent Armaguerra 43

The launch of the Season 2 Reloaded update for Vanguard has introduced a wealth of brand-new content into multiplayer and Zombies. Alongside a pause feature for Zombies, players are mastering the Armaguerra 43 submachine gun.

In addition to the new content, Sledgehammer Games has addressed numerous aim assist issues impacting players over the first two seasons of post-launch content.

While many problems were fixed, players were quick to discover a strange bug causing the new SMG to become completely silent when players fire it during a match.

Vanguard Armaguerra 43 Bug
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Vanguard Armaguerra 43 Bug

The issue appeared when players decide to equip a suppressor onto the SMG. Instead of silencing the audio, it mutes it completely making it impossible to tell how much ammunition is left in the magazine. Reddit user 'LLMIT' shared a video of the completely silent Armaguerra 43.

The glitch doesn't affect the sound of the bullets when they hit their intended target and other elements of the map. Commenters were quick to share their thoughts on the issue, with one saying that Vanguard "is such a well-made video game."

Will The Armaguerra 43 Get Fixed?

There's every chance that Sledgehammer will address the silent SMG in a future update but it's not ideal to see a brand-new gun containing a bug negatively impacting the experience for those using it. Considering the severity of the issue, let's hope the developer

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