Vanguard Cheater Shows Hacks And Still Loses

The recent rise of cheaters in Vanguard is causing plenty of frustration within the competitive community.

As players continue to jump into Season 3 of Ranked Play for their fix of fast-paced action, aspiring pros often take their talents to GameBattles for a chance to prove their worth on the ladders.

Following a ban for the second-best Ranked Play player on the planet in Season 2, it appears that some aren't learning any lessons from their mistakes. During a GameBattles match, a streamer showing their hacks still managed to lose despite seeing their opponents through walls.

Vanguard Player Banned From GameBattles

While competing in a tournament on May 3, a streamer going by the name of "BBluring" was sprinting all over the Demyansk map in search of the enemy.

After receiving some communication from their teammate, the player activated their cheats for everyone watching to see. With information on the enemy's location, they attempt to score the kill with a pistol but fail in spectacular fashion.

The hacker even has the audacity to claim they "didn't expect" their opponent to be there. For the rest of the match, the red boxes continued to appear and even with cheats, BBluring still lost the game.

Shortly afterwards, GameBattles informed the winning team the player has received a permanent ban, preventing them from competing in any match on the platform much to the delight of others competing in the tournament.

Cheating is increasing within Vanguard and in a bid to prevent the problem from spiralling out of control, the Ricochet anti-cheat kernel-level driver is now active. With another hacker unable to play GameBattles matches, it proves that cheaters never prosper especially in competitive Call of Duty.

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