Free COD Points Appear in Vanguard Player Accounts

COD Points within the Call of Duty franchise are used to purchase all kinds of cosmetic items and Battle Passes. With the imminent arrival of Godzilla and King Kong Operator skins, players are waiting for the next themed content drop to land in Vanguard.

Typically, players have to part ways with their hard-earned cash to buy some in-game currency but as players begin to master the new guns and weapons of Season 3, many spotted an unusual addition.

Much to the surprise of players, some accounts received 5k COD Points without spending a single penny.

Vanguard Players Receive Free COD Points

5k COD Points is one of the largest amounts available to purchase within the in-game store, making this a rather costly mistake from Activision. Worth approximately £35, some were quick to purchase some skins while others are holding onto them in preparation for the Godzilla and King Kong items.

Reddit user 'dizzyop' claims the points appeared in their account after completing all of the Zombies challenges added as part of the Season 3 update in addition to reaching Level 200.

COD Vanguard Free COD Points
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Credit: u/dizzyop

Numerous players were quick to comment on the mystery. On the now-deleted post, many suggest the account may be a victim of a hack. However, the user mentions no sign of any bank account charge, ruling out any account compromise.

Another commenter experienced the same glitch. Having finished the Zombies challenges. "I had just completed the Dark Aether grind and when I got back to the main menu I had 6.600 COD Points. I only had 1,600 before."

Whether this is a secret reward for completing challenges or a mistake isn't clear. One thing's for certain, those receiving the points are enjoying their new purchases.

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