Vanguard Player Discovers Strange Off-centred Optic Glitch

Throughout the first season of post-launch content, Call of Duty Vanguard has had its fair share of bugs and glitches ultimately leading to players expressing their frustrations. Despite regular updates from Sledgehammer Games, the community continues to discover new issues that drastically impact multiplayer matches.

Typically, the optics available to equip feature reticles that appear in the centre of the scope but a new bug is causing them to point upwards, much to the confusion of players already looking ahead to Season 2.

Call of Duty Vanguard Off-centre Optic Glitch
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Vanguard Off-centre Optic Glitch

This particular issue caught the attention of players after Reddit user 'Few-Clock2814' uploaded images of iron sights and a range of different scopes all displaying a crosshair upward of its usual position.

Judging by the comments, it appears that this bizarre glitch isn't a one-off occurrence. "I've had the third [picture] happen to me," revealed one user. Rather than performing an elaborate workaround, the user revealed that it "went away the next day," leaving them wondering why the issue ever appeared in the first place.

This isn't the first time Vanguard players have encountered unintentional problems with their aim. Numerous players have demanded Sledgehammer Games to address issues with aim assist slowdown which is rendering the game "unplayable" for some.

Will The Vanguard Optic Glitch Get Fixed?

It's unclear as to whether Sledgehammer Games is aware of this unusual glitch and considering the immense impact it's having, there's every chance the developer is working on some kind of fix to arrive as part of the Season 2 update.

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