Vanguard Players Call For Return of Trophy System

The worldwide launch of Call of Duty Vanguard is right around the corner and with the community eagerly waiting to drop into multiplayer, Zombies, and a brand-new single-player campaign, some are beginning to find out what each mode has in store. As always, many players will be heading straight into multiplayer to begin levelling up and unlocking some of the weapons that are on offer.

One piece of equipment that regularly features in a Call of Duty multiplayer is the Trophy System, an automatic deterrent capable of blocking a number of enemy equipment but some players have already managed to spot that the Trophy System doesn't feature in multiplayer, much to their annoyance.

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Call of Duty Vanguard Trophy System

Call of Duty Vanguard No Trophy System
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Since Vanguard is set in the final days of World War 2, it appears that the piece of equipment that's proven to be an integral part of the game for several years has been removed, giving players no way of blocking any incoming grenades. Prominent Call of Duty leaker @TheGhostOfHope was quick to share their frustrations.

I'm surprised there is no trophy in Vanguard unless I'm f**king blind after looking at leaked footage," they stated.

The same sentiment was shared by other players, who are calling for Sledgehammer Games to add a Trophy System into multiplayer as soon as possible.

Will A Trophy System Be Added to Vanguard?

As of writing (November 2nd, 2021), no information surrounding the addition of a Trophy System has been unveiled by Sledgehammer Games but if enough players are asking for one to be added, it probably won't be long before the developer reverses its decision to leave the equipment out of the game.

While we wait for a Trophy System to arrive, check out the ultimate SMG tier list and the best MP40 loadout to use in multiplayer.

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