Vanguard Developers Address Long Match Wait Times

Image showing Call of Duty Vanguard character holding gun
Credit: Sledgehammer Games

With thousands of players continuing to drop into Vanguard multiplayer, you'd expect to jump into a match within a few seconds of selecting your favourite game modes.

When Sledgehammer Games' latest entry into the franchise launched in November 2021, players could jump into three different Combat Pacing modes but within the May 16 patch notes, the developer removed Assault pacing.

Although the change has improved map rotation, players are complaining about the length of time it takes for them to find a match and jump into the action multiplayer has to offer.

Vanguard Devs Address Long Wait Times

On June 1, the developer took to Reddit in response to a comment mentioning the "extreme match wait times" when using the Quickplay feature. As with many issues with Vanguard, Sledgehammer Games says the team is aware of the problem and is tracking it on Trello.

The response is positive news for players. Throughout Season 3, Sledgehammer Games often remains silent when the community experiences significant problems with multiplayer whether it's bugs or game-breaking glitches. Hopefully, more transparent communication is a priority in Season 4.

However, the developer hasn't shared any information on when a fix will arrive in Vanguard.

With Season 4 only a few weeks away, there's a chance match waiting will improve in the not-too-distant future which is great news for those wanting to get into the action as fast as possible.

For now, we recommend a little patience if you're trying to load into matches in the latter stages of Season 3.

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