Treyarch Says There Are "Big Plans" For Call of Duty Zombies

As the Vanguard cycle enters its second half, the Zombies mode failed to live up to the expectation of players that enjoy slaying endless waves of the undead.

For several years, Treyarch has perfected the mode that often features elaborate Easter Eggs but for Vanguard, the developer went in a different direction that didn't pay off. Many are hoping the launch of Season 4 and the return of round-based Zombies will turn the tide for Der Anfang.

Despite the lack of success for Vanguard Zombies, Treyarch says there are "big plans" for Zombies in the coming years.

"Big Plans" for Call of Duty Zombies

The Zombies community continues to hold a light to Treyarch's older titles that feature excellent Zombies modes. While there's little chance the undead will appear in Modern Warfare 2, Treyarch is expanding its team following claims of "big plans" for Call of Duty Zombies.

Treyarch's Kevin Drew shares information on a range of new roles available at the studio along with hinting at the ambitions for the undead.

It's unclear what Zombies-related content Treyarch is working on. Current rumours suggest the developer is working on Call of Duty 2024 after a two-year cycle for Modern Warfare 2 while others point towards other exciting projects for Zombies fans.

In addition to Call of Duty 2024 development, other rumours suggest a sequel to the hugely popular Zombies Chronicles title is in the works alongside a standalone Zombies title that isn't tied into the annual release.

It's clear to see players still enjoy Zombies in a Call of Duty title. Treyarch's plans certainly sound exciting but with attention turning to Modern Warfare 2, there's a high chance fans won't hear much intel on what the developer is cooking up for a while.

While we wait for more Zombies information, check out our Vanguard and Modern Warfare 2 pages for all the latest Call of Duty news, leaks, and guides.

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