Vanguard Players Slam Lack of Season 3 Reloaded Content

Although Warzone receives plenty of new content through the seasonal updates, Vanguard receives relatively few changes in comparison. Following the launch of the Season 3 Reloaded update, Sledgehammer Games has included three new pieces of content much to the annoyance of players.

The arrival of the H4 Blixen submachine gun (SMG) and the Kim Tae Young Operator are significant additions to the game but when compared to Call of Duty's battle royale, it's clear to see the focus is moving away from Vanguard.

To show the lack of support, one player compares the differences between the two Season 3 Reloaded updates.

Vanguard Players Slam Lack of Support

To show the disparities between the two updates, Twitter user "xFleXy_" lists all of the new additions arriving in Warzone and Vanguard. As expected, the content for the battle royale drastically outweighs what Vanguard features.

"I've never seen a COD so poorly supported," says the user. Many agreed and took to Reddit to share their grievances.

User 'NebNeGreb' suggests Sledgehammer Games should add maps from Call of Duty World War II and maps from previous titles in order to inject a breath of fresh air into the game as it nears the end of its cycle.

While the lack of new content is hugely frustrating for those still playing multiplayer, it's not surprising considering the poor sales figures generated by the game. Instead of promoting Vanguard's Season 3 Reloaded update on May 24, Activision opted to unveil the Modern Warfare 2 release date, overshadowing the mid-season update.

On the other hand, mid-season updates are a lot smaller than the updates that appear at the start of a new season. Let's hope Season 3 Reloaded is a blip and Season 4 includes plenty of new content for players to enjoy.

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