How to Download Call of Duty Vanguard FAST on PS4, Xbox One, PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X

The worldwide launch of Call of Duty Vanguard is right around the corner, much to the excitement of the community that is desperate to get their hands on Sledgehammer Games' latest offering. With a new campaign, new Zombies experience, and multiplayer to get stuck into, players will be wanting to know how to download the game as fast as possible.

Considering the file size of Vanguard isn't as big as many expected, the process of downloading it quickly should be incredibly straightforward but if you're struggling to do so, these tips and tricks will help massively. Here's how to download Call of Duty Vanguard as quickly as possible.

How To Download Call of Duty Vanguard As Fast As Possible

How To Download Call of Duty Vanguard As Fast As Possible
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Close All Games And Applications

It goes without saying that the more things you're using on your PC, console, and mobile will slow down your update as these will take up bandwidth. Some of these applications may even take priority over your update which is the last thing you want to happen when downloading Vanguard. Be sure to close them down and ensure other people in your household aren't using them to guarantee the fastest speeds are being used by your PC or console.

Put Your Console Into Rest Mode

When your console is turned on, it will constantly be using bandwidth to check for new messages, friend requests, and online notifications that get priority over updates. If you put your console into Rest Mode, turn on automatic downloads or select ‘Stay Connected to the Internet’, the update should download much faster.

Move Your Console Closer To Your WIFI Router Or Use An Ethernet Cable

How to download Call of Duty Vanguard Fast
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Using a wired connection is the best way to increase your download speeds and ensures that no kind of interference will impact Vanguard's download. Use an Ethernet cable and plug it into the console or PC for the smoothest and fastest way to download Vanguard onto the hard drive.

If you don’t have an ethernet cable on hand, even just moving your console or setup closer to your WiFi router temporarily should help to quash any stability issues that may be causing a slow download.

Avoid Downloading The Update At Peak Times

This may be hard for those fans who want to play immediately, but scheduling your update so it downloads when fewer people are online trying to do the same should see your speed increase. It's not ideal but it will speed up the process so you won't have to wait too long in order to get into the game.

Restart Your Router

Sometimes, problems with download speeds are nothing to do with your console or PC, but instead with your WiFi. If you frequently have problems with your internet even when not downloading huge updates, this may be the issue. Unplugging your router and restarting your internet may solve your connection issues, albeit temporarily, for long enough for you to download the latest update.

Change Your DNS Settings

Other players have reported that changing your DNS settings can help improve download speeds.

If you go to ‘Network Settings’ and choose to set up your DNS manually, inputting the Primary DNS as and the Secondary DNS as will connect you using Google’s public DNS and help speed up your download.

Follow these tips and your Vanguard download will be done in no time at all! For more Vanguard intel, check out our definitive assault rifle tier list as well as all of the Operators appearing in the game.

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