Vanguard Player Showcases Inventive Flying Goliath Trick

Call of Duty: Vanguard was released over a week ago, and many players have jumped into multiplayer to see what Sledgehammer Games have come up with. Despite the lack of a ranked playlist, the 16 multiplayer maps and a variety of new weaponry provide players with plenty of content to enjoy.

The revamped multiplayer has offered players plenty of unique and innovative ways to eliminate an opponent thanks to the addition of new Field Upgrades and Killstreaks that can be earned. One such player has discovered a feature to fly into the sky and collect info about the surrounding area.

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COD Vanguard Goliath Jump Exploit

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Reddit user ‘BigHero6Fan’ took to the game’s subreddit to showcase an inventive way to get an upper hand over nearby enemies. A Goliath Field Upgrade coupled with a few Demolition Charges are the only things required to perform this new trick that will send you flying into the sky, giving you a birds-eye view of the surrounding area.

The player threw a few Demolition Charges on the ground while their teammate guided the remote-controlled bomb on top of the charges. Once the charges were detonated while standing on top of the Goliath, the player was catapulted skywards, giving them the perfect opportunity to land a shot with their sniper rifle. While the height advantage is only earned for a few seconds, it's just enough time to score the shot that is guaranteed to be the highlight of any montage.

Is the Goliath Jump a Bug?

While this particular feature doesn’t appear to be a glitch or a bug, the developers usually like to term such abilities as “features of the game." The crafty exploit is certainly one that wasn't intentional, so it will be interesting to see whether Sledgehammer Games choose to address the mechanic or keep it in the game for other players to master.

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