Vanguard Player Claims Most Field Upgrades Are "Useless"

Field Upgrades are nothing new in the Call of Duty franchise. Adding another layer of depth to multiplayer, players can earn game-changing abilities over the course of a match.

The upgrades available in Vanguard have a lot to be desired, with the likes of Dead Silence and the Supply Box proving the most popular options to select. On the other hand, other Field Upgrades are overlooked in favour of the stronger items.

Most players have noticed this trend, with one member of the community claiming that the vast majority of Vanguard's Field Upgrades are "useless."

Vanguard Field Upgrades Useless
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Are Vanguard Field Upgrades Useless?

There are a total of nine Field Upgrades to choose from in Vanguard multiplayer. Due to the incredibly fast nature of matches, there's hardly any time to utilise a Field Upgrade to your advantage which is far from ideal. To express their frustration, Reddit user 'Kingtinkerer102' wrote a post showcasing the flaws of the non-viable options.

The user claims "COD devs still haven't figured out how to balance any of their customisation categories," with only a handful of options appearing in the loadouts of players. Players were quick to share their thoughts on the topic, with many agreeing and disagreeing on the viability of some Field Upgrades.

Despite the differences, it was clear to see that players are desperate for a Trophy System to arrive in multiplayer.

Will Vanguard Get A Trophy System?

Due to the setting of Vanguard, there's little chance of an item capable of blocking grenades appearing in multiplayer which is hugely annoying.

Multiplayer won't have a Trophy System but contains bright blue weapon blueprints that don't fit the setting either so it's interesting as to why Sledgehammer Games hasn't added an item that would drastically improve the game.

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