Vanguard Players Frustrated With Overpowered Piercing Vision Perk

Since it launched in November 2021, Vanguard has received a mixed reception from the community. Despite the best efforts of Sledgehammer Games, players continue to express their frustrations on various elements of the game ranging from connectivity issues to a lack of Combat Shield counters.

With the Season 2.5 update on the horizon, further frustrations are appearing. This time around, players have grown tired of the Piercing Vision Perk that gives players the ability to see through walls.

Understandably, the community is wanting the developer to intervene in a bid to balance the perk.

Vanguard Piercing Vision Perk
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Vanguard Piercing Vision Perk

Similar to how Combat Scout works in Warzone, Piercing Vision highlights the position of players for a few seconds even if they're behind cover. Content creator 'Doner' claimed those that use the Perk "may as well have wallhacks."

The clip above shows how overpowered Piercing Vision is. By shooting through solid cover, the outline makes it incredibly straightforward to score kills without the opponent firing back.

Many players were quick to agree. Once user even called Piercing Vision "the dumbest Perk ever added into Call of Duty." Let's hope that it won't be appearing in the next release, all-but-confirmed to be Modern Warfare II.

Will Piercing Vision Get Nerfed?

Considering its overpowered nature, it would be surprising if Sledgehammer Games decided against changing the effectiveness of this particular Perk. Perhaps a change to the highlight timer could balance it without causing it to disappear from the current metagame.

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