CDL Pros Request Addition of Classic Maps to Vanguard

The Call of Duty franchise has its share of classic multiplayer maps that are perfect for competitive play.

The current Vanguard map pool is far from popular, with many criticising flawed spawn logic alongside destructible elements that don't break.

With Season 2 right around the corner, several Call of Duty League (CDL) players have revealed some of the classic maps they would want to return and as expected, plenty of strong contenders entered the conversation including the likes of London Docks, Sainte Marie du Mont, and Strike from Call of Duty 4.

Sainte Marie du Mont COD Map
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Vanguard Classic Maps

The very best Vanguard players in the world aren't fans of certain maps in the current competitive map pool but if Sledgehammer Games decided to add some familiar battlegrounds to Vanguard, their opinions could well change. New York Subliners player Ian 'Crimsix' Porter suggested Strike should return, claiming it's the "best Call of Duty map of all time."

Other pro players mentioned the likes of London Docks and Sainte Marie du Mont from 2017's World War 2 title which are more likely to return due to Sledgehammer Games' involvement. Recent rumours have suggested that Docks and USS Texas will be remade for Vanguard and considering both have been used for competitive play before, they could well feature in Vanguard's competitive action.

Will Classic Maps Arrive in Vanguard?

There's a high chance of at least one classic Call of Duty map returning in Vanguard. Shipment has already made an appearance and there's every chance the likes of London Docks and other World War 2 maps could arrive in future updates.

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