Vanguard Camo Challenges Adjusted in Latest Update

Throughout the history of Call of Duty, players jump into multiplayer and work their way through a number of challenges to unlock a variety of weapon camouflages. Vanguard is no different, with players having to complete challenges for a chance to unlock the coveted Atomic camo.

Since launch, various camo bugs and glitches have prevented players from completing the challenges in addition to time-consuming requirements that have led to some giving up the grind altogether.

As the start of Season 3 nears, Sledgehammer Games has responded to demand by making it much easier for players to unlock weapon camos.

Vanguard Camo Challenges
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Vanguard Camo Challenges Changed

On April 7, Sledgehammer Games released an update containing various changes to Vanguard multiplayer. While a lot of focus went on the spawn adjustments, changes to headshot and longshot challenges for all weapons in the arsenal went under the radar. Rather than requiring 100 headshots to complete the challenge, players only need to score 50 which drastically improves completion times.

Many players are delighted with the change. Reddit user 'JouleS88' managed to earn "three guns gold in two days," branding it a "very welcome change." On the other hand, some think the change is too little, too late.

When Is The Next Vanguard Double XP Event?

Double XP events often act as the perfect opportunity to level up weapons as fast as possible. The next time players can earn double weapon XP is from April 27 until May 2. For the latest intel, check out our Double XP article to find all the dates for upcoming XP events in Vanguard and Warzone.

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