The Best Vanguard Longshot Spot

usSeason 1 for Call of Duty Vanguard is well underway and while it may not have been the smoothest of sailing for the latest annual release in the franchise, players are continuing to jump into multiplayer to get their fix of fast-paced action. With Sledgehammer Games detailling a wealth of changes coming to Vanguard in 2022, some are still struggling to score Longshots in order to unlock some of the camouflages that are available for each weapon in the arsenal.

Scoring kills from long distances can prove problematic on several multiplayer maps but there's one particular area of one battleground that makes the process extremely easy. With that said, here's the best Vanguard longshot spot to use.

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Best Vanguard Longshot Spot

Vanguard Best Longshot Spot
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Compared to other camo challenges, scoring Longshots is one of the more tedious tasks. Thankfully, Reddit user 'TheRplevin' has managed to discover a simple yet hugely effective place where long-range kills are guaranteed.

The spot in question can be found on Paradise, one of the maps that arrived as part of the Season 1 update which rolled out in December 2021. On the C-side of the map, players can make their way to a cliff edge that can be accessed to get the perfect view of the enemy spawn. The player revealed that they were able to score 18 Longshots in a single Hardcore match thanks to the increase in time-to-kill.

Will The Paradise Longshot Spot Get Patched?

Some players may deem this ingenious line of sight as an exploit that may lead to Sledgehammer Games implementing an invisible barrier to prevent players from spawn killing the opposition. If a patch does prevent access to this particular spot, we will update the article with the next best place to score those longshots!

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