Swagg Says Modern Warfare 2 Has No Slide Cancelling

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Image showing Warzone players running to helicopter
Credit: Activision

Call of Duty players are no strangers to adapting to new mechanics within the game. Since 2019, slide cancelling plays an integral role in allowing players to navigate the map as quickly as possible.

As the launch of Modern Warfare 2 nears, many are beginning to question what multiplayer has in store following a wealth of leaks revealing a gun list, Perks, and Field Upgrades.


Despite Infinity Ward remaining tight-lipped on its upcoming release, FaZe Clan member and Warzone content creator "Swagg" claims the game won't contain slide cancelling after having the opportunity to play Modern Warfare 2 early.

No Slide Cancelling in Modern Warfare 2

During a recent stream, Swagg shares some details after getting their hands on an early build of the game. They say it plays very similar to 2019's Modern Warfare which is understandable seeing as Infinity Ward is in charge of development.

Additionally, they mention the developer has made changes to movement mechanics. Swagg says dolphin diving has returned alongside changes to slide cancelling, leaving the community curious.


When asked about slide cancelling in Modern Warfare 2, the content creator says the mechanic acts differently to how it does in Vanguard and the current iteration of Warzone. "Not like how you think it is," comments Swagg on slide cancelling.

Towards the end of the video, they mention slide cancelling didn't exist prior to the launch of Warzone and 2019's Modern Warfare and wonders if players will discover new mechanics in order to gain the upper hand over the opposition.

With the beta expected to take place in the next few months, it's only a matter of time before fans can see the new movement mechanics in action.


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