Future Call of Duty Titles To Use Modern Warfare 2 Engine

Image showing Ghost from Modern Warfare 2 in grass
Credit: Activision

Image showing Ghost from Modern Warfare 2 in grass
Credit: Activision

With three developers in charge of creating the Call of Duty universe, the majority of titles utilise different game engines to run the core features of the game.

Treyarch uses its own engine for Black Ops titles while Infinity Ward uses the IW engine for the Modern Warfare series. Following the worldwide reveal of Modern Warfare 2, Activision and Infinity ward have revealed a seismic shift regarding the development of future releases.

Instead of developers using different game engines, future releases will all use Infinity Ward's IW9 engine technology starting with Modern Warfare 2.

Call of Duty Games To Use Same Engine

After the reveal trailer appeared, Activision confirmed future titles will all use the same engine to create a "connected experience" across the annual releases and Warzone 2 which will launch in 2022.

Some players believe the difference in game engines has negatively impacted the current iteration of Warzone, with Vanguard weapons and content overshadowing existing content from Black Ops Cold War and 2019's Modern Warfare.

A unified engine between annual Call of Duty titles and Warzone means players will experience a seamless transition between both titles rather than each feeling slightly different from the other.

According to a blog post, Modern Warfare 2 and future titles using the same engine marks the start of a "new era" for the franchise. Alongside the new way of developing Call of Duty titles, the publisher teases "there's more to come" suggesting plenty of new innovations are on the way.

While we wait and see what Modern Warfare 2 has in store, be sure to check out our page for the latest news and leaks.

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