Call of Duty Returning to Steam

Image showing Modern Warfare 2 soldier standing below helicopter
Credit: Activision

In 2022, there are numerous platforms where you can purchase a game for your PC and consoles.

Throughout the history of the Call of Duty franchise, the vast majority of its player base plays on consoles. In recent years, more are experiencing the shooter on PC.

In recent years, the only way to purchase the current Call of Duty title is through Activision Blizzard's client. Ahead of the launch of Modern Warfare 2, things are about to change. Steam users will have the ability to pre-order and play the game on the platform for the first time since 2017's World War II.

Modern Warfare 2 Available on Steam

Although no official confirmation appeared, a Twitter action between the platform and the franchise heavily suggests a collaboration is on the way.

On June 2, the two parties seemingly confirmed the news following the appearance of another teaser trailer detailing the importance of teamwork.

Steam is a huge platform for PC gaming so the news of Modern Warfare 2 appearing in the store is hugely positive for those that aren't fans of using to play.

Call of Duty titles haven't appeared on Steam in the last five years. The last game to appear on the platform was Call of Duty: World War II but with the Modern Warfare 2 release date nearing, change is coming.

With the worldwide reveal taking place on June 8, this piece of news is just another addition to a long list of leaks and speculation that continues to expand. Recent leaks claim a map editor will arrive in multiplayer, giving players an opportunity to create some unique battlegrounds.

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