Leaker Shares Information on Modern Warfare 2 DMZ Mode

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Modern Warfare 2 DMZ Mode Leak
Credit: Activision

The likelihood of Modern Warfare 2 containing a single-player campaign and multiplayer is guaranteed but there's minimal information on Infinity Ward's third mode.

Recent titles include Zombies modes with their very own storyline and rather than following the same path, Infinity Ward looks to step outside of the box to offer players a brand-new experience.

Rumoured to be DMZ, the third mode is said to resemble Escape from Tarkov and ahead of the game's expected reveal date, a notable leaker has come forward with fresh intel surrounding the mode.

Modern Warfare 2 DMZ Mode Leak

On May 6, notable Call of Duty leaker "TheGhostOfHope" claims DMZ will launch in beta alongside the rest of Modern Warfare 2. Specific modes releasing as a beta is nothing new in the Call of Duty franchise. Vanguard Ranked Play launched in beta, allowing Treyarch to adjust various elements of the mode as players jumped into the action.


Although it's important to take leaks and rumours with a pinch of salt, Hope isn't the only person claiming DMZ resembles Escape from Tarkov. Tom Henderson has also shared information on the mode earlier in the year.

In addition, Hope says the extraction mode offers a "more tactical" experience in comparison to standard Call of Duty multiplayer. "What you take with you you can lose," suggesting DMZ contains plenty of risk versus reward.


With only a few weeks until players get the first opportunity to see Modern Warfare 2 in action, it's only a matter of time before we find out more about DMZ and how it works.

As we wait for more information, there are plenty of other Modern Warfare 2 leaks doing the rounds including the addition of a firing range and the return of a classic movement mechanic.