Leak Claims Modern Warfare 2 Will Feature A Firing Range

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Despite containing a huge variety of guns and attachments, Call of Duty players rarely have any kind of place to test them before jumping into a multiplayer match.

The likes of Advanced Warfare and World War 2 feature a firing range where players can experiment with different combinations before heading to battle but more recent releases haven't contained the feature.


However, the launch of Modern Warfare 2 could change things for the better. Shortly after Infinity Ward shared the official logo for the upcoming release, a prominent leaker claims a firing range is on its way to the game.

A Modern Warfare 2 Firing Range

The news comes from 'TheGhostOfHope,' a leaker with an impressive track record of uncovering information before an official reveal takes place. On April 28, the leaker confirms a specific area to test loadouts before a match is on its way to the game.

As always, it's important to take leaks and speculation with a pinch of salt but Hope goes one step further, claiming a firing range is also appearing in Warzone 2. Having an area to test weaponry without other players is an excellent idea, especially with the current Gunsmith model containing a huge number of attachments to choose from.

In addition, other leaks claim the classic Dolphin Diving mechanic is returning in Modern Warfare 2 alongside a number of iconic multiplayer maps such as Highrise, Terminal, and Rust.

With Infinity Ward unveiling the Modern Warfare 2 logo, it's only a matter of time before we hear more information on the sequel to 2019's Modern Warfare. Expectations are high following Vanguard's disappointing sales figures, can Infinity Ward deliver?

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