Cardi B Sports Modern Warfare 2 Necklace in Music Video

Image showing Cardi B wearing a Ghost necklace
Credit: Cardi B

The Call of Duty franchise is no stranger to collaborating with famous faces. Whether it's a trailer or an in-game character, several celebrities have made their way into the shooter series.

The most recent celebrity appearances came in the form of a Modern Warfare 2 reveal trailer where Pete Davidson, Trae Young, and Steve Aoki became members of Task Force 141.

With fans expecting Infinity Ward to unveil more information on the campaign and multiplayer in the coming weeks, rap sensation Cardi B becomes the latest to join forces with Call of Duty after wearing a necklace of Ghost.

Cardi B Enters Call of Duty Universe

Within their music video for "Hot S**t," eagle-eyed fans were quick to spot a diamond-encrusted necklace of the legendary Task Force 141 member.

Shortly afterwards, the Call of Duty Twitter account posted a video detailing the creation of the unique piece of jewellery and as expected, it's all in the detail.

With Cardi B becoming the latest celeb to join the Call of Duty universe, will an Operator appear within Warzone or Modern Warfare 2 once it launches? It's safe to say a Cardi B Operator complete with a unique set of voice lines would make Activision plenty of cash.

The most recent celebrity Operator is Snoop Dogg. Their arrival in the battle royale and Vanguard is the second time the rapper has featured in Call of Duty after appearing in 2013's Ghosts title in a voice pack.

As the build-up to the Modern Warfare 2 launch continues, there's a possibility of more famous faces sporting a Ghost necklace. Keep your eyes peeled for more appearing in the coming weeks.

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