Steve Aoki and Pete Davidson Star in Modern Warfare 2 Adverts

Image showing Steve Aoki holding a cake saying Stay Frosty
Credit: Activision

Image showing Steve Aoki holding a cake saying Stay Frosty
Credit: Activision

Celebrity cameos within the Call of Duty franchise are nothing new. Over the years, the likes of Conor McGregor and Marshawn Lynch have appeared in campaigns and multiplayer.

Infinity Ward's sequel to 2019's Modern Warfare is already generating plenty of hype. Despite a lack of official information, leaks revealing the presence of a map editor are exciting fans of multiplayer.

As attention turns to the launch of Modern Warfare 2, Activision is releasing different versions of the first teaser trailer featuring a range of popular celebrities. The latest to appear are world-famous DJ Steve Aoki and Saturday Night Live comedian Pete Davidson.

Celebrities Appear in Modern Warfare 2 Trailer

On June 3, the Call of Duty Twitter account shared a modified version of the trailer showing Davidson inside an armoured truck alongside the rest of Task Force 141. In a bid to break the silence, the comedian fiddles with an RPG before nearly blowing up the truck from the inside.

For the safety of the 141, Price suggests they should leave Davidson in the truck.

On June 6, Aoki appears in the seat of Davidson. Rather than holding a back of snacks or an RPG, the DJ realises a squad member is listening to his music before revealing a cake with the iconic "Stay Frosty" phrase written in icing.

After offering Price a slice, the Captain says the DJ should remain in the vehicle.

As the Modern Warfare 2 reveal build-up continues, there's a high chance other famous faces take a ride with Task Force 141 before jumping into battle.

So far, the likes of TimTheTatman and NBA player Trae Young have all appeared in trailers, so there's no telling who else will join them.

For more Modern Warfare 2, check out our page for the latest news and leaks.

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