Leak Reveals Potential Modern Warfare 2 Beta Dates

Image showing Modern Warfare players fighting over objective flag
Credit: Activision

Prior to a new Call of Duty release, players usually get their hands on a small slice of the game thanks to beta weekends. Although Infinity Ward hasn't shared any information on what Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer has to offer, attention is already turning toward the beta.

Betas act as the perfect opportunity for developers to identify any game-breaking bugs before the full release of the game. Previous Call of Duty titles had a beta several months prior to release.

Amid recent speculation, a WhatIfGaming report from a notable Call of Duty leaker claims the beta will take place much later than many anticipated.

Modern Warfare 2 Beta Dates Leaked

According to "RalphsValve," Activision has changed its mind about an early beta date. Despite Amazon leaking a date suggesting a Modern Warfare 2 beta would take place in August, both beta weekends will now take place towards the end of September.

The report says PlayStation players will receive the first opportunity to play Modern Warfare 2 thanks to Activision's existing exclusivity deal with Sony.

PlayStation users that pre-order the game can play during the first weekend before it opens up the rest during the following weekend.

Xbox and PC users can play the beta during the second weekend.

Modern Warfare 2 Beta Dates

Here are the rumoured dates for the Modern Warfare 2 beta:

Weekend 1 (PlayStation Exclusive)

  • September 15-16 (Early Access)
  • September 17-19 (Open Beta)

Weekend 2 (Crossplay Beta)

  • September 22-23 (Early Access)
  • September 24-26 (Open Beta)

To receive early access to the beta weekends, players must pre-order Modern Warfare 2 to obtain a beta code. For more information on the Modern Warfare 2 beta, check out our hub containing all the latest news.

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