Brawlhalla Walking Dead Event Release Time Confirmed

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Blue Mammoth Games and AMC have worked together again to deliver another The Walking Dead Brawlhalla crossover event. For the part 2 of this event, two The Walking Dead characters will now be playable as crossover skins for this event. Here's what we know about this new event this September.

The Walking Dead Event Part 2 Release Time

As seen in the official event trailer (Below), Brawlhalla's upcoming The Walking Dead event is confirmed to not just be a normal re-run but also comes with some new content when it releases on September 22.


For this time around, two new crossover skins namely Negan and Maggie. Aside from these two, the three previous The Walking Dead crossover skins were also mentioned such as Daryl Dixon, Michonne, and Rick Grimes. Lastly, the Walker Attack! special game mode is also making a return as the map and enemies used from the mode was also seen in the trailer.

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Negan Crossovers In Another Fighting Game

Negan's inclusion in Brawlhalla isn't his first rodeo as he also guested as a character in another fighting game. Before Brawlhalla, Negan has already joined Bandai Namco's Tekken 7 roster as a standalone fighter for the Iron Fist tournament. Rather than being a practitioner of martial arts, Negan carries his favourite barbed baseball bat, Lucille, into battle.


In Brawlhalla, Negan still sports Lucille as one of his signature weapons but also wields a crowbar in battle. As a crossover character, Negan copies the moves of the wandering mercenary, Jaehyun, and his signature weaponry of Sword and Greatsword. During fights, Negan wields his crowbar like a sword and fights using Lucille as if it were a Greatsword.

Maggie Joins The Brawl

Meanwhile, Glenn Rhee's widow, Maggie Rhee, is joining Brawlhalla as one of its crossover legends. In this game, she uses a road sign and a curved blade to fight her foes in battle. For this crossover character, Maggie copies the moveset of Jhala The Unbroken who prefers to use either a Sword or Axe into battle. Maggie's curved blade works like a sword and the dilapidated road sign weapon i used like an Axe.

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