Brawlhalla Munin Legend: Release Date, Weapons, Lore & Everything You Need To Know.

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Blue Mammoth Games has recently revealed the sneak peek for its 54th character in Brawlhalla, Munin the Raven. Players are eagerly awaiting the arrival of this avian rockstar in battle. Here's what we know about this new legend joining the game.

Brawlhalla Munin Stats and Munin Stance

New leaks popped up on Reddit, courtesy of StinkyMonkey420, showing Munin's stats. These are pre-release and subject to change, but for now, it looks like Munin prioritizes speed and dexterity.

  • 5 attack
  • 4 defense
  • 6 dexterity
  • 7 speed

Munin's stances are:

  • Speed: 8 speed but 5 dex
  • Defence: 5 defence but 6 speed
  • Attack: 6 attack but 3 defense
  • Dexterity: 7 dexterity but 4 attack

Brawlhalla Munin Skins

Redditers also got hold of some Munin skins, which you can see below:

Brawlhalla Munin The Raven Reveal

As seen on the official Brawlhalla Youtube channel, the Early Look trailer for Munin the Raven was just revealed. This trailer featured the new character rocking it out to the crowd and ends the trailer with a strong riff and introduction to this new character.

The trailer didn't show any release dates and other important details for this character.

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Munin The Raven Weapons

looking at the video's descriptions, the developers confirm that Munin The Raven's signature weapons will be a Scythe and a Bow. The trailer featured Munin with a guitar that was strummed at the last parts of trailer could be his signature Scythe in the game. The bottom end of Munin's electric guitar was crescent shaped similar to the many Scythe weapons in Brawlhalla.

As for Munin's bow, we'll have to wait for a new update to know what it looks like. The trailer also featured no battle footage that shows Munin's attacks and combos in action.

Munin The Raven Lore

As of now, we've yet to know Munin's role in the Brawlhalla story and what qualified this character to enter its tournament. As Brawlhalla mostly borrows from Norse mythology's Valhalla which works like a hall of fame for the world's best warriors, we've yet to know what Munin's achievements in life to get in this tournament.

However, Munin seems to be in theme with the Back To School event that's currently running this September on Brawlhalla. It's possible that Munin The Raven may be wearing a school rockstar skin for this early reveal and may actually look different for their regular look in games.

Munin The Raven Release Date

The trailer did not reveal any release dates and the video's description said that Munin will be "Not coming soon, still a work in progress." Regardless of Blue Mammoth Games' progress in adding Munin to Brawlhalla, the developers have a solid schedule for releasing new characters.

Each new character in Brawlhalla has a three to four month gap before another one is added to their roster. The two latest legends in Brawlhalla was Magyar and Reno this 2021.

Early this January 14, 2021, Magyar who is a living suit of armor filled a hundred souls of undead soldiers was added to the Brawlhalla roster as a Hammer and Greatsword legend. Following this character, the alien insect cowboy outlaw Reno was added in April 14 2021 as the game's Gun and Orb Legend of the game.

If Munin follows this pattern, their release date could be this September or October 2021. We'll have to wait for more updates from Blue Mammoth Games if Munin truly becomes playable in the last quarter of 2021.

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