Call of Duty Zombies Player Defeats Black Ops 3 Easter Egg With A Piano

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With Season 5 Reloaded of Black Ops Cold War well underway, players have managed to uncover everything there is to find in Mauer Der Toten and are already looking forward to the launch of Season 6, which will feature a brand-new round-based map.

Zombies in Black Ops Cold War has always added a fun alternative to a multiplayer game and has become a staple of the franchise for those looking for some unique co-op action. The main Easter Egg in Black Ops 3's Shadows of Evil can be exhausting and take up a lot of time to complete, just with a controller. However, one of the players has defeated one of CoD Zombies' most difficult easter eggs, using a Piano as a controller!


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Zombies Player Defeats Easter Egg With A Piano

Zombies player 'grooviehoovie' posted on Reddit stating they had finally defeated the Shadows of Evil Easter Egg with the unorthodox controller. The main quest is one of the more difficult to complete with a controller, which makes this particular achievement even more impressive.


With the content creator aiming to complete the Easter Egg in under one hour, they managed to do so with just a few seconds left on the clock. Players were quick to comment on the feat, with one saying that they "can't even beat shadows normally.”

Replying to that, grooviehoovie said “To make the keyboard work with the game, I used something called BOME to translate MIDI into keyboard inputs to play Apex Legends with a keyboard. It took some fiddling around but works just like the video.” This isn't the first time Whoovie has managed to use a unique controller to beat a Zombies Easter Egg. Earlier in September, the content creator managed to defeat the Mauer Der Toten Easter Egg, falling just short of the magical hour mark.

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