Where To Find The Shovel In Firebase Z

Black Ops Zombies has hit a turning point with the release of the Firebase Z map.

The map is massive compared to Die Maschine and there is a ton to check out within Firebase Z.

The main easter egg has a lot of components players will need to pick away at during the game.

As well, there are a lot of items within the game you need to find to proceed along the quest.

One of these items is a shovel.

Here's where to find it! 

Shovel Location Firebase Z

The shovel is an item that is going to be used in the later stages of the easter egg.

This is going to be used to dig up the Aether Containers that are buried beneath the ground.

This will be the second to last main step you will need to take in order to trigger the massive boss fight at the end of the easter egg.

Now, onto the location of the shovel.

The shovel is located in the left bunker in the Scorched Defense area.

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Photo via NoahJ456

Be sure to let us know on social media if you have completed the easter egg yet! 

As well, let us know what you think the setting of the next zombie's map will be. 


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