What Is The Best MP5 Loadout For Cold War Zombies?

Season 2 of Black Ops Cold War is in full swing and the MP5 submachine gun is as popular as ever.

While it may be known for dominating opponents in multiplayer, the MP5 is one of the stronger SMGs to be using in Zombies.

With so many attachments to choose from, finding the perfect combination to slay endless waves of the undead can prove tricky.

In this guide, find the ultimate MP5 loadout for Cold War Zombies!

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MP5 Cold War Zombies


MP5 Black Ops Cold War Zombies Best Attachments To Use
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Armed with one of the highest rates of fire in the SMG category alongside devastating close-quarters damage, the MP5 is ideal for rushing around the map and taking out any undead target that you come across.

While it excels at close-range, the MP5 experiences high levels of damage drop-off, meaning it requires a lot of ammo to take down a target from afar.

With plenty of attachments to reduce the drop-off in damage, what are the best ones to equip onto the MP5 for Zombies?

MP5 Cold War Zombies Attachments

By equipping this set of attachments, the MP5 becomes one of the deadliest Zombie-slaying machines in the entire game!

  • 9.1” Rifled (Barrel)
  • Field Agent Grip (Underbarrel)
  • 40 RND Speed Mag (Ammunition)
  • Field Tape (Handle)
  • Raider Stock (Stock)

This combination improves the damage drop-off, enabling you to eliminate the undead from longer distances much faster than the base version of the MP5.

The addition of the Raider Stock is the highlight of this particular combo, providing increases in sprint-to-fire speed and aim walking movement speed, enabling you to react quickly to oncoming threats and the ability to outmanoeuvre any fast-moving Zombies with ease.

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Is The MP5 Good In Cold War Zombies?

After a couple of matches, I found myself falling in love with this MP5 loadout. Its improved mobility combined with its additional damage made the first six rounds of a round-based match fly by, while I managed to make it to the end of the second Outbreak level before needing to use the Pack-A-Punch machine.

The action often became hectic with several Zombies surrounding me on plenty of occasions but thanks to the rapid rate of fire, I was able to slay my way out of any sort of trouble.

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