Cold War Season 3 Update Size Uncovered

Season 2 of Black Ops Cold War is nearing its end and while attention turns to Warzone ahead of Verdansk's nuclear demise and the debut of a brand-new map for the battle royale, Cold War players are beginning to wonder what Season 3 will have in store.

The launch of the new season will mark the start of the second half of Cold War's game cycle and just like previous seasons, players can expect a wealth of brand-new content ranging from new multiplayer maps and weapons to arrive.

As always, players will be wondering how much hard drive space will be needed to make way for the new update and for PS5 players, the update size is relatively small.

Here's everything we know about Cold War Season 3's update size.

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Cold War Season 3 Update Size

Black Ops Cold War Season 3 Update Size PS5
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According to @PlaystationSize, update 1.16 for the PS5 edition of Black Ops Cold War will come in at approximately 12.3GB which is relatively small in comparison to some of the huge updates that have previously gone live for the game.

The small size is certainly good news for those that are struggling for space thanks to the huge Warzone updates that go live on a regular basis.

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Cold War Season 3 Story

Season 2 saw Adler being transported to Verdansk by former KGB operative Stitch but since then, the story has gone quiet as the undead make their way across Verdansk.

With the new Warzone map taking players into the 1980s, the likelihood of Season 3 continuing the story is very high. What exactly is happening to Adler?

Cold War Season 3 Release Date

Although no official details surrounding Season 3 have yet to be revealed, it's widely believed that the new season will launch on April 22nd.

As we move ever closer to the release date, it's likely more teasers surrounding what will be arriving when the season launches will begin to emerge in the coming days so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for any clues!

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