Mule Kick Perk Returning In Mauer Der Toten

Season 4 Reloaded for Black Ops Cold War is right around the corner and while there may be a lot of focus on new content arriving to multiplayer, the mid-season update will be one of the biggest for fans of Zombies. The update will see the release of Mauer Der Toten, the third round-based map of the Dark Aether storyline.

Alongside several new innovations and features that will be appearing within the confines of the map, a classic Zombies Perk is making its long-awaited return to the game, much to the excitement of the passionate community. Here's everything you need to know about the return of Mule Kick in Mauer Der Toten!

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Mauer Der Toten Release Date

As per the official gameplay reveal that was released on July 8th, Mauer Der Toten will be releasing on July 15th as part of the Season 4 Reloaded update which will feature a range of new content across Black Ops Cold War and Warzone.

Mule Kick Cold War

Mule Kick Perk Cold War Mauer Der Toten
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The Mule Kick Perk has been a staple in Call of Duty Zombies for several years, appearing in numerous titles as a hugely advantageous Perk to acquire when fighting against the endless waves of undead opposition. Once purchased, players will have the ability to equip a third weapon which can often be the difference between making it to a high round or being overrun by a group of Zombies.

Alongside being able to equip three weapons, Zombies developer Treyarch has also confirmed that players will be able to invest in five Skill Tier upgrades for the third weapon. With many players excited to get their hands on the Cold War Mule Kick Perk to see how it compares against its predecessors, it will be interesting to see how it influences the current Perk metagame.

Mule Kick Cold War Skill Tiers

After the Skill Tiers for Mule Kick were leaked before Season 4 Reloaded went live, Treyarch officially revealed the new Tiers as part of their patch notes. Find all five Skill Tiers for the new Perk below:

  • Base ability: Carry a third primary weapon.
  • Skill Tier I: Crafted Equipment grants additional Equipment if able.
  • Skill Tier II: All enemies have a small chance to drop ammo.
  • Skill Tier III: Stowed weapons slowly refill ammo from stock.
  • Skill Tier IV: 25% chance to keep non-retrievable Equipment when used.
  • Skill Tier V: Third primary weapon is recovered when repurchasing Mule Kick.

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