Miami Strike Map Exploit Allows Players To Escape Map Boundary

Miami Strike is the newest addition to the Black Ops Cold War map pool after it was added to the game as part of Season 2 Reloaded.

The new map is a condensed version of the larger Miami map and is also set in the bright sunshine as opposed to the gloomy darkness.

As players get stuck into the often hectic action that takes place across the entire map, some have managed to find a crafty exploit that enables them to escape the confines of the map, creating a brand-new flanking route that is almost impossible to counter.

Here's everything you need to know about the exploit.

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Miami Strike Exploit

Reddit user 'ToxicMaxx' discovered the issue during a match on Miami Strike and quickly uploaded the exploit in action.

After managing to outrun the dreaded restricted area clock, the player manages to access an alleyway that is outside of the intended map boundary with a tall van close to the actual map boundary

The van can be climbed on, providing a lethal sightline into the central area of the map and the stairs that lead into one of the two hotels.

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Will There Be A Fix

Miami Strike Map Cold War Glitch Exploit Bug
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Treyarch is aware of the unintentional bug and is said to be looking into the issue.

Considering the severity of being able to exploit areas of the map not intended to be used during a match, a fix is likely to arrive as early as the week commencing on April 5th.

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