How Do I Make The Reactive Camos Change In Black Ops Cold War?

As part of Season Two of Black Ops Cold War, developer Treyarch has introduced a range of reactive camouflages for a small selection of weapons.

Alongside the new camouflages, the new season has also seen the introduction of a new multiplayer map and two new weapons.

Complete with an exclusive design, the reactive camos are capable of changing their appearance.

But what exactly makes them change?

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How To Make Reactive Camos Change

According to the descriptions of all available active camos in Black Ops Cold War, all you need to do to change the appearance of the camo is by scoring kills.

The higher number of kills scored, the reactive camo will change more frequently, giving your weapon of choice a fresh look in almost every single stage of a multiplayer match!

The camos can be used across Black Ops Cold War and can also be equipped in Warzone, giving a unique finish to some of the stronger weapons in the arsenal.

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How To Make Reactive Camos Change Black Ops Cold War
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As of writing, (March 5th) there are a total of five reactive camos that can be obtained.

The Vulture Exo FARA 83 camo is available when Tier 95 of the Season Two Battle Pass has been reached, while the other four can be unlocked by purchasing the corresponding bundle in the store.

Find a complete list of available reactive camos available in the store below:

  • Racer 02 – AUG – Available in the Super Charged bundle.
  • Side Scroller – FFAR 1 – Available in the Dead Ops Arcade bundle.
  • Xoxo Love Lost – Milano 821 – Available in the Tracer Pack: Rosé bundle.
  • Z-74u – AK-74u – Available in the Samantha Maxis Operator bundle.
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