Apocalypse Map Cold War Guide - Best Classes, Rush Routes, Grenade Spots, Objective Locations And Everything You Need To Know

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Season Two for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War has gone live across all platforms!

The new season has bought in a wealth of content, including brand-new weapons, Operators, Scorestreaks and so much more.

With no classic Black Ops map making a return at the start of Season Two, Apocalypse is the only new 6v6 map to be added into multiplayer.


Set within a cartel base deep in the Laos jungle, Apocalypse is a medium-sized map where well-timed aggression often results in huge killstreaks and plenty of score.

Table of Contents

Find absolutely everything that you need to know about Apocalypse to get the upper hand over the opposition.

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Apocalypse Map Overview

Apocalypse Map Layout

Apocalypse is the only new 6v6 map to appear in Season Two


Map Design

Apocalypse features a clear three-lane design complete with a range of chokepoints where plenty of action takes place.

Alongside the three lanes, there are three distinct areas of the map that all encourage a variety of playstyles. 

The temple on the eastern side of the map plays host to plenty of close-quarters engagements but with the ability to climb on top of the boxes next to the gold bars, it’s very easy to post up with a tactical rifle or an assault rifle and pick off any opponents looking to secure control of the area.

Despite being the largest open area of the map, the central lane of the map contains plenty of cover, making it difficult for snipers to find clear sightlines. For those that do want to utilise Black Ops Cold War’s incredible snipers, the small wooden shelter towards the western side of the map is the perfect place to do so.

The wooden catwalk on the south side of the map is another area where close-range action occurs. With plenty of wooden support beams underneath the catwalk, it can be tricky to find a clear line of sight, leading to plenty of scrappy gunfights that could go either way. The catwalk also provides some amount of verticality to the map, with the hut closest to the temple providing the ideal vantage point to take control of the central area of the map.

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Key Hotspots



Apocalypse Black Ops Cold War

As the gateway between the ruins and the open section of the temple, the Annex is a frequent hotbed of activity between players attempting to breach the temple and those attempting to exert some form of control on the northern side of the cartel base.

A small window that can be accessed by walking up piles of rubble on either side, providing a clear yet unorthodox line of sight that can be utilised to catch the opposition napping.



Apocalypse Black Ops Cold War

Underneath the walkway between the war room and the interrogation room is the home of the stilts supporting the structure above. The dimly lit area combined with the various obstacles littering the path makes it incredibly difficult to see an opponent and equally tricky to take them down as quickly as possible.


To make the most of this area, we recommend using a shotgun to eliminate any potential targets before they have the opportunity to dance around the supports and send you to the killcam!

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How To Play

Don’t Stop Moving

With Apocalypse being a relatively small map, it’s very easy to navigate from one side to the other without encountering too much resistance.

Equip Ghost as one of your Perks to remain undetected by any enemy Spy Planes that are likely to be patrolling the skies above.

By staying mobile and scoring kills as you go, the enemy will frequently lose track of your position, allowing you to wrap back where you came from and continue the killing spree.


Assault Rifle Specialist

With plenty of opportunities to engage in a mid-range gunfight, equipping a powerful assault rifle is a sure-fire way to conquer Apocalypse.

The stone ledge overlooking the main road that runs down the centre of the map is the perfect place to prevent any aggressive plays and also provides quick access to the Annex to halt any potential flanks.

Best Classes

After several matches on Apocalypse using a variety of weaponry, there are some that stand out from the rest of the pack.

Here are the best weapons to use on the map:

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