What Is The Best Quickscope Sniper In Cold War?

Quickscoping in the Call of Duty franchise has been a style of play ever since it took off on Modern Warfare 2.

Players were often seen jumping off high places and spinning repeatedly in order to capture the ultimate quickscope and since then, players continue to hone and refine the playstyle.

Season Two for Black Ops Cold War is in full swing, and with a total of three snipers to choose from, there is limited choice when it comes to selecting the best sniper to quickscope.

With the ability to take down an opponent with a single shot to the upper body, several players opt for the Pelington 703 or the LW3 – Tundra.

But which of the two is the best?

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The Best Quickscope Sniper In Cold War

After spending several hours quickscoping the opposition with both snipers, we came to the conclusion that the best sniper to use to quickscope is the Pelington 703.

The Pelington’s superior mobility over the Tundra was perfect for navigating the map quickly in order to find the best possible position to make a play.

While a few pesky hitmarkers did slow down the killfeed, the Pelington’s fast aim down sight speed made it the perfect tool for the job.

As always, quickscoping requires the best attachments to be equipped, so what are they for the Pelington?

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Best Quickscope Sniper Attachments

  • 26.2” Tiger Team (Barrel)
  • Steady Aim Laser (Body)
  • 7 RND Speed Mag (Magazine)
  • Speed Tape (Handle)
  • CQB Pad (Stock)

This attachment combination increases effective damage range alongside delivering significant improvements in sprint to fire time and aim down sight speed.

Faster sprint to fire time and aim down sight speed are the key to giving you the ability to react as fast as possible to any oncoming targets.

Quickscoping Tips and Tricks

There are some handy tips and tricks that will help you become a quickscope master in no time at all.

Firstly, line up the target with the crosshairs then press the left trigger to scope in. As soon as you see the black crosshair from the scope line up with the intended target, hit the right trigger to score the kill.

To score those clips worthy of the highlight reel, repeat this process when you come across a group of opponents and light up the killfeed!

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