Death's Veil Maxis Bundle Review: Is It Worth Buying?

The Call of Duty store is frequently updated with a wide range of cosmetic bundles including all kinds of themed items. Whether it's an AK-74u blueprint donning an anime character or the likes of John Rambo and John McClane making their way into the franchise, there are often plenty of bundles for players to get their hands on.

For Season 3, there have been plenty of new arrivals to the store, with one of them being the Death's Veil bundle for Zombies protagonist Samantha Maxis.

The bundle includes three weapon blueprints, a vehicle skin, calling card, finishing move, weapon charm, and sticker.

As one of the more unique bundles on offer, is it worth buying?

Death's Veil Maxis Operator Bundle

Death's Veil Maxis Operator Bundle Cold War Warzone
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For fans of Samantha Maxis, this bundle is certainly worth acquiring. The Operator outfit is a blood-stained wedding dress implying that the fight against the undead is far from over.

It's certainly a unique skin that will enable players to stand out from other Operator skins that are available for Maxis.

Weapon Blueprints

As mentioned above, the bundle includes two Legendary blueprints for the MAC-10 submachine gun and the RPD light machine gun along with an Epic blueprint for the E-Tool melee weapon.

The MAC-10 blueprint comes with a gorgeous contrast between the copper and greys on the SMG alongside some cobwebs giving the weapon a sense of Halloween despite the bundle releasing in May.

The RPD blueprint looks just as good. The gold elements pop to give the LMG a sense of brightness despite its somewhat gothic appearance. Cobwebs fill the gap in the PKM stock and can also be found near the trigger.

For those looking for a chance to stand out on the battlefield, this set of blueprints are nothing short of spectacular.

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Death's Veil Maxis Operator Bundle Price

Compared to some of the other bundles on offer, the Deat's Veil Maxis bundle is one of the more expensive ones thanks to the variety of content that is included.

At 2000 COD Points, it's just 400 COD Points off the most expensive bundles that feature a brand-new Operator, and considering that players will just receive a new skin rather than a completely new character, it's rather expensive.

If you're a fan of Zombies and Samantha Maxis, this bundle is one that is worth investing in but if you're after something completely new, it might be best to hold off until Season 4 and new Operators make their way into Warzone and Cold War.

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