Hijacked Map Rumoured To Return In Cold War Season 4

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Cold War's Season 4 arrives in June and already rumours are starting to fly around.

With the recent Season 3 Reloaded update being pushed live, it brought with it a number of files that are intended for later use.

These files are there to ready players for the upcoming season, but dataminers and leakers have ruthlessly tracked down the details for us.

It's emerged that Hijacked, a Black Ops 2 favourite, will return as a reimagined classic in Cold War.


Hijacked Rumoured To Return In Cold War Season 4

@TheMW2Ghost has claimed that Hijacked will return in the next season of Cold War.

"90% sure Hijacked is coming [to cold war] next season."

If this is true, this won't be the first time the map has been remastered.

It was brought back as Skyjacked in Black Ops 3. While players were excited to try out this map in a futuristic setting, it wasn't well-received once released.

They also claimed that we will get another surprised remaster - similar to how Express was a surprise.

Perhaps Treyarch are running out of unique maps for Cold War? Or they're opting to save time and resource by producing maps fans are familiar with.

However, fans have voiced their opinions to see more unique maps especially as remastered maps don't always play as well in new games.

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