Black Ops Cold War Zombies Easter Eggs Are Less Complex Because "Less Than Two Percent Of Players" Were Seeing Them

If you've been feeling nostalgic after jumping into Call of Duty Warzone Season 2 and bumping into the undead again, you may be remembering all those classic Zombies easter eggs.

While secrets and bizarre occurrences are still a big part of the modern-day Zombies experience, they're not quite as long-winded as they once were – and that's intentional.

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Where Are The Zombies In Warzone?

In an interview with IGN India, Treyarch Studio Creative Director Corky Lehmkuhl was discussing why easter eggs have been toned down, with “less than two percent of the players were actually seeing that stuff unless it was shown on Youtube.”

That's a lot of development resource for something that arguably just isn't worth it in the long run.

“On this project, we’ve actually made it a mission to make Easter Eggs more accessible or what we call ‘the main quest’,” Lehmkuhl revealed, speaking about Black Ops Cold War.

“There are some side Easter Eggs that are still somewhat obscure and you’ll have to find, but for the main quest we just wanted more players to experience it.”

“If you look at Youtube now or Reddit, a lot of people are completing their first Easter Eggs, ever – and they’ve been with the franchise for the full ten, twelve years,” Lehmkuhl explained.

“So yes, we’ve definitely made it a priority to make Easter Eggs less obscure and make sure the steps make sense with the narrative. They’re still challenging, but they’re not crazy hard like they used to be.”

That's not to say there aren't plenty of them to find, though.

We've got a full walkthrough here, for the latest Firebase Z map.

And if you somehow missed it, here's the Coffin Dance Easter Egg.

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