Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Zombies: Glitch Allows Players To Become Invincible

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The return of Zombies to the Call of Duty franchise has been met with widespread praise from the community.

For Black Ops Cold War, developer Treyarch has created an all-new storyline set in the Cold War where both American and Soviet forces are attempting to uncover the paranormal secrets left behind from Dr. Volger’s experiments.


While players uncover the secrets of Die Maschine, the key to success in Zombies is to survive the endless waves of the undead.

As some players manage to make it past 100 rounds, some have discovered a glitch which sees the undead ignoring players altogether.

Find out how to be invincible in Die Maschine below!

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How To Turn Invincible

Before attempting to become resistant to the undead, make sure that the power has been turned on and the Pack-A-Punch machine has been built.

Once that has been done, you’re ready to begin the process.

Firstly, head to the Dark Aether by using a portal and collect all three Aetherscope parts. Then head to the crafting bench near the Particle Accelerator to assemble the Aetherscope.


With the Aetherscope built, make sure you are on a round before an exfil opportunity. Next, shoot four of the orbs found all over the Particle Accelerator room.

With that done, eliminate the remaining zombies. As the round begins to change to the exfil round, head inside the anomaly that appears inside the Medical Bay. Head out of the anomaly and shoot the fifth and final orb in the Medical Bay.

While in the Medical Bay, take Dr. Vogel’s diary from the desk then make a quick exit before the Megaton zombie approaches you.

Just before the timer hits one minute, activate the Spectral Reflection and give the diary to it. As the timer hits a minute, you will be teleported back to the normal world where you will be invincible to the zombies!


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Once you’ve followed all the steps, zombies will completely ignore your presence for the rest of the game.

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