Firebase Z: How To Use The Jump Pads For Free

Firebase Z, the second chapter in the Dark Aether storyline, has gone live across all platforms.

The main Easter Egg quest was solved in just a few hours but there are still several secrets within Firebase that have yet to be discovered.

One of the smaller Easter Eggs that was recently uncovered was the ability to use the Jump Pads without spending any of your hard-earned points.

While this may be less impressive than completing the main Easter Egg, it is certainly an important Easter Egg to complete as it can give you a huge advantage in the higher rounds.

Here’s our guide on how to use the Jump Pads for free in Firebase Z.

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How To Use The Jump Pads For Free

Firebase Z jump pads easter egg
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The first step is to turn on the power by activating the three Aether Reactors that are located around the map.

Once the power is on, spend 500 Points on the Jump Pads and fly across the map. There’s no particular order to activate them in.

Next, head to each of the six Jump Pad locations and look for a small, green light that appears on the console.

Stand on the Jump Pad and shoot the green light.

Once done, a countdown timer will appear on the pad followed by an arrow. Make sure you’re standing on the pad otherwise you’ll have to wait until the next round to start the process again.

The arrows represent movements that have to be made when standing on the pad. There are five movements for each pad, totalling at 30 movements that need to be made with pinpoint accuracy.

Look at the screen on the Jump Pad console and move in the directions of the arrows that pop up on the screen.

Once completed, the Jump Pad will launch you to another area of the map. Find another Jump Pad that has the green light and repeat the process.

For those struggling, Call of Duty YouTuber Glitching Queen has posted an image detailing each movement combination for each of the launch pads.

Firebase Z Jump Pad Easter Egg Guide
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Image credit: Glitching Queen

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Once all the steps have been completed, you’ll be able to jump across the map at no additional charge!

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