Black Ops Cold War

24 Feb 2021

Die Maschine: How To Turn On The Power

Black Ops Zombies and its latest chapter is in full swing as players attempt to uncover the secrets of Doctor Vogel's experiments.

The popular survival mode has been well-received by the passionate Zombies community.

Players have already managed to solve the Die Maschine Easter Egg in under 3 hours of it going live.

To get the Easter Egg started you'll need to turn on the power!

Here's how to turn on the power in Die Maschine.

How To Turn On The Power In Die Maschine

From the Yard area, you'll want to dace North and head to door that gets you into Nacht Der Untoten (Omega Outpost). 

This door costs $500 to open.

Photo via MrRoffleWaffles

Head up the staircase and you'll be able to blow up the debris for $500.

Once upstairs, go straight into the next room and turn right. Then head all the way to the end and blow up the wall where the purple arrow is pointing. This wall will cost you $1000.

When you get outside, head down to the bottom of the Crash site where you'll see more debris. This will cost $1250 to open.

Photo via MrRoffleWaffles

Head down into the Tunnels and turn left where you'll see a Facility icon pointing you where to go.

The Facility Door will open for free. Once inside, head to the Control Room and there will be three doors on your minimap you want to head there and open the one to the East; costing you $1500.

Photo via MrRoffleWaffles

Go to the Medical Bay and the next door will get you into the Particle Accelerator room; this door costs $1500.

Once inside, there's one more door to open to get to the Power Button which costs $1750.

Photo via MrRoffleWaffles

Run up to the Red Power switch and interact with it to turn on the power!

If you do get lost, just follow the purple arrows on the walls!