Cuba Briefing Cold War Walkthrough, Evidence, Code And Guide On Veteran Difficulty

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is available across a number of platforms and is one of the best titles in the series.

The fifth chapter in the Black Ops series sees players return to the Cold War as American operatives believe that Soviet spy Perseus is back in play and on the hunt for intelligence surrounding the US nuclear program.

Black Ops Cold War is a direct sequel to the very first Black Ops title which released just over a decade ago.

After completing the Desperate Measures mission, you’ll return to the safehouse for the final time.

In this walkthrough, find a short walkthrough of the Cuba Briefing mission along with some handy tips.

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Cuba Briefing Walkthrough

After a short briefing with the team, you’ll be free to walk around the safehouse while the rest of the team gears up for the next step of the operation.

This is the last chance to complete the side-missions so if you’re interested in those, now is the time to complete them as there won’t be another chance.

It is also the last opportunity to unlock the inventory gate lock inside the safehouse. To find out how to unlock it, click here for our walkthrough.

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Check Evidence Board

Once you’ve made sure both side-missions and the inventory gate is unlocked, head back towards the evidence board.

Scan all the new evidence that has been obtained on the evidence board. Once done, select “End of the Line” to begin the next mission of the campaign.

By beginning the next mission, this starts the final stretch towards the conclusion of the Black Ops Cold War campaign.

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