Die Maschine: How To Open All Dark Aether Portals

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Black Ops Zombies has finally returned with the launch of Black Ops Cold War!

Players are getting stuck into the next zombie's story and it's being incredibly well received.

Not only has the zombie's game mode been loved by fans, but all the hidden easter eggs have been a delight to find.

A concept that is a core component of Die Maschine is the Dark Aether portals all over the map. 

These portals are vital for completing the easter egg, along with obtaining the different variants of the D.I.E weapon.

One aspect that has stumped a lot of players is how to open the portal to find the D.I.E Electro version; along with where are the other Aether Portals around the map.

Well, we have got you covered.

Here are the locations of all of them! 


All Portals

Throughout Die Maschine there are numerous locations that the portal to enter into the Dark Aether will spawn.

When you initially turn the power on, there will be one right in front of the Pack-A-Punch machine

You will need to enter through this one in order to grab the part of the Pack-A-Punch machine.

Then the spawn of the portal will vary.

So far, players have identified numerous locations for the portal; including: 

  • Right behind the vehicle next to Quick Revive
  • Top of the main building in Die Maschine, next to the perk machine
  • Power room there will be a spawn

Along with these three primary portals, there are also other ways you can enter the Dark Aether via these portals.

Various ones will spawn over the course of the game if you are trying your hand at the easter egg.

For instance, one will spawn within the Speed Cola room if you are completing the diary section of the easter egg.

As well, the portal underneath the Pack-A-Punch machine is going to spawn after you build the Aetherscope and are trying to obtain the electric variant of the D.I.E weapon.


A problem some players have been encounter is when they are entering this portal.

It will only spawn once per round, so if you do not complete all three crystals for the electric part; then you will have to wait until the next round. 

MrRoflWaffles has posted a video noting the locations of all the portals, check it out below!


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